Depth Hypnosis with Kes


What is Depth Hypnosis?

      Depth Hypnosis is an integration of Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine and hypnotherapy. During a session you will learn to discover and break up energetic patterns that have been running your life, and causing you to swim up stream. By using the shamanic journey, you will learn to talk to your guides directly, and to find the deeper meanings behind the disharmony in your life. In a light trance we can then use hypnosis techniques to find the origins of these patterns, and with the help of your guides, ultimately find healing.

How is this different from traditional hypnotherapy?

     Depth Hypnosis is different from the usual 'suggestion hypnosis' because you are in control the entire time. Like the place where the ocean meets the sand, your conscious mind is active and integrating while information from the subconscious mind becomes available.

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